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Affordable self-regulating irrigation device for microsurgery using readily available malleable wire and a Silastic tube: a technical note

  • Yeongu Chung
  • Sung Ho Lee
  • Jiwook Ryu
  • Jun Ho Lee
  • Seok Keun ChoiEmail author
Technical Note - Neurosurgical Techniques



A relevant irrigating and flushing maneuver during cerebral microsurgical procedures allows for a neat and optimal operative field. However, when operating on the deep region of the brain, a delicately created slim surgical corridor could unintentionally hinder the assisting surgeon from properly performing this routine maneuver.


To address this problem, the authors devised a useful and convenient irrigation system that can be used during cerebral microsurgery.


This system only necessitates a readily available silastic feeding tube and a malleable wire. The advantages of our devised system include the convenience of free molding, good endurance of the molded contour, and easy control over the amount of irrigation.


In this report, the authors demonstrated technical tips for using this newly devised system.


Irrigation system Continuous irrigation device Microneurosurgery Self-regulating irrigation device Malleable wire 



Cerebrospinal fluid


Ethylene oxide



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Authors and Affiliations

  • Yeongu Chung
    • 1
  • Sung Ho Lee
    • 1
  • Jiwook Ryu
    • 1
  • Jun Ho Lee
    • 1
  • Seok Keun Choi
    • 1
    Email author
  1. 1.Department of Neurosurgery, College of MedicineKyung Hee University, Kyung Hee University HospitalDongdaemun-guSouth Korea

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