Acta Neurochirurgica

, Volume 159, Issue 6, pp 1053–1058

Endoscopic colloid cyst excision: surgical techniques and nuances

  • Waleed Abdelfattah Azab
  • Mustafa Najibullah
  • Waleed Yosef
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Endoscopic excision of colloid cysts is currently well established as a minimally invasive and highly effective technique that is associated with less morbidity in comparison to microsurgical resection.


Operative charts and videos of patients undergoing endoscopic colloid cyst excision were retrieved from the senior author’s database of endoscopic procedures and reviewed. This revealed nine trans-foraminal and three trans-septal procedures. Description of the surgical techniques was then formulated.


Variation of the technique is based on the specific patho-anatomical features of the colloid cyst being resected. For the trans-foraminal approach, we think that the rotational technique is associated with a more complete removal of the cyst wall and consequently lower recurrence rate.


Colloid cyst Endoscopic Septum pellucidum Third ventricle Trans-foraminal Trans-septal 



Intracranial pressure


External ventricular drain


Magnetic resonance imaging

Supplementary material


Surgical technique of the endoscopic trans-foraminal and trans-septal approaches for colloid cyst excision. (WMV 146311 kb)


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  • Waleed Abdelfattah Azab
    • 1
  • Mustafa Najibullah
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  • Waleed Yosef
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