Robot-assisted triple neurectomy for iatrogenic inguinal pain: a technical note

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Painful neuromas are a relatively common complication of hernia and abdominal wall surgery.


Surgical neurectomy has the potential to to provide durable relief for chronic pain; however, current surgical approaches are not without morbidity or anatomical challenges.We sought a surgical alternative.


In the treatment of a case of incapacitating inguinal pain, we performed an anterior transperitoneal approach using a surgical robot.


This approach was facile and provided elegant anatomical visualization.


This case describes the first known robot-assisted laparoscopic triple neurectomy and details a simplified, transperitoneal approach.

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Operative video from a robot-assisted laproscopic transperitoneal triple neurectomy. Anatomical identification of the relevant nerves are depicted. Used with permission from Barrow Neurological Institute. (MPEG 86228 kb)

Video 1

Operative video from a robot-assisted laproscopic transperitoneal triple neurectomy. Anatomical identification of the relevant nerves are depicted. Used with permission from Barrow Neurological Institute. (MPEG 86228 kb)

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