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Surgical techniques for the dissection of encased perforators in giant clinoidal meningiomas

  • Koji YoshimotoEmail author
  • Akira Nakamizo
  • Tomio Sasaki
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Surgical treatment of giant clinoidal meningiomas remains a challenging task for neurosurgeons. Here, we present details of the surgical techniques for the dissection of encased perforators.


The dissection of encased perforators is summarized as follows: (1) split the tumor above the encased arteries and perforators; (2) find the entrance and exit points of the perforators, and estimate the running course of the perforators within the tumor; (3) dissect and expose the perforators along the estimated line.


The surgical techniques described in this article will aid in achieving maximum tumor resection while preserving encased perforators.


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We thank Dr. Yojiro Akagi for preparing the schematic illustrations.

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