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Surgical management of intraventricular central neurocytoma: 92 cases

  • Haipeng Qian
  • Song Lin
  • Maozhi Zhang
  • Yong Cao
Clinical Article



To analyse the clinical characteristics of intraventricular central neurocytomas and gain a better understanding of the surgical management and treatment strategies.


A total of 92 cases of intraventricular central neurocytomas with initial treatment using surgical resection were studied retrospectively.


Among 48 male and 44 female patients, 65 underwent gross total resection and 27 underwent subtotal resection. Transcortical or transcallosal approaches were performed, and there was no significant difference between the two approaches in terms of effects and complications. Tumours with calcification or adhesion had a significant lower gross total resection rate. Three patients died after surgery. During follow-up, 55 patients underwent postoperative radiotherapy and four patients had a recurrence of the tumour.


Central neurocytomas mostly occur in the lateral ventricle system near the foramen of Monro. Therefore, total resection is the best treatment. Two surgical approaches are possible as treatment. Calcifications or adhesions affect the gross total resection of the tumour. Radiation therapy or radiosurgery therapy can be chosen as a salvage treatment in case of recurrence.


Central neurocytoma Ventricle tumour Transcortical-transventricular approach Transcallosal-transventricular approach 


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