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Mortar Finite Elements for Interface Problems



Mortar techniques provide a flexible tool for the coupling of different discretization schemes or triangulations. Here, we consider interface problems within the framework of mortar finite element methods. We start with a saddle point formulation and show that the interface conditions enter into the right-hand side. Using dual Lagrange multipliers, we can work with scaled sparse matrices, and static condensation gives rise to a symmetric and positive definite system on the unconstrained product space. The iterative solver is based on a modified multigrid approach. Numerical results illustrate the performance of our approach.


Mortar finite elements Lagrange multiplier saddle point problem domain decomposition interface problem non-matching triangulation 

AMS Subject Classification

65N30 65N55 


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  1. 1.IANSUniversity of StuttgartStuttgartGermany

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