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Taxonomy of the Andean genus Pentacyphus (Apocynaceae: Asclepiadeae–Pentacyphinae)

  • U. MeveEmail author
  • S. Liede-Schumann
Original Article


Taxonomy of the northern Andean genera Pentacyphus and Tetraphysa is re-evaluated by morphological and molecular analyzes. Pentacyphus, while having priority against its synonym Tetraphysa, consists of three species: P. andinus, P. lehmannii, and P. camargoi, based on Sarcostemma camargoi, a species from Colombia and Ecuador which is transferred to Pentacyphus here. Moreover, T. tamana is reduced to subspecific rank under P. lehmannii, and an additional subspecies with exceptionally large flowers and corona lobes is newly described as P. lehmannii subsp. elongatus. P. boliviensis, a synonym of P. andinus, is lectotypified.


Andes Asclepiadoideae Neotropics Pentacyphus camargoi comb. nov. Phylogeny South America Tetraphysa Taxonomy 



We cordially thank the herbaria of K, MO, QCA, S and USM for granting access to their collections. The distribution map was kindly provided by Dr. Martin Feulner, Bayreuth. The suggestions of Dr. David Goyder, Kew, and one anonymous reviewer to improve the manuscript are gratefully acknowledged.


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