Microchimica Acta

, Volume 180, Issue 3–4, pp 243–252

Flame photometric determination of cesium ion after its preconcentration with nanoparticles imprinted with the cesium-dibenzo-24-crown-8 complex

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We report on the synthesis of cesium ion-imprinted polymer nanoparticles that were prepared by a precipitation polymerization strategy using dibenzo-24-crown-8 ether as a selective crown ether, methacrylic acid as the functional monomer, ethyleneglycol dimethacrylate as the crosslinker, and AIBN as the radical initiator. The prepared sorbents have a diameter of 50–90 nm and display highly selective binding capability for Cs(I) ion, with rapid adsorption and desorption. The maximum adsorption capacity is 50 mg g−1, and the preconcentration factor is around 100 at pH 9.0. Cesium ion was then determined by flame photometry with a detection limit (3σ) of 0.7 ng mL−1 and with a standard deviation of 0.9 %.


A novel nano-sized ion imprinted polymer has been prepared for separation and determination of Cs(I) ions in different water samples. The results indicated that the use of imprinted nanoparticles has many advantages, such as selectivity, reusability, application in the complex matrixes and preconcentration of the initial ions in dilute solutions.


Ion imprinted polymers Nanobeads Cs+ ion Dibenzo-24-crown-8 ether Flame photometry 

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  2. 2.Chemistry DepartmentYasouj UniversityYasoujIran

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