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Voltammetric Analysis of the Novel Atypical Antipsychotic Drug Quetiapine in Human Serum and Urine



The electrooxidative behaviour and determination of quetiapine (QTP), a dibenzothiazepine derivative and antipsychotic agent, on a glassy carbon disc electrode was investigated using cyclic (CV), linear sweep (LSV), differential pulse (DPV) and Osteryoung square wave voltammetry (OSWV). Fully validated DP and SW voltammetric procedures are described for the determination of QTP. QTP in pH 3.5 acetate buffer solution presents a well-defined anodic response, studied by the proposed methods. This main response was due to the irreversible, diffusion-controlled, one-electron and one-proton oxidation of the aliphatic nitrogen of the piperazine ring. Under optimal conditions, a detection limit of 4.0 × 10−8 mol L−1 for DPV and 1.33 × 10−7 mol L−1 for OSWV, and a linear calibration graph in the range from 4.0 × 10−6 to 2.0 × 10−4 mol L−1 were obtained for both methods. The procedure was successfully applied to the determination of the drug in tablets, human serum and human urine with good recoveries. The detection limits were 6.20 × 10−7 mol L−1 and 5.92 × 10−7 mol L−1 in human serum and 1.44 × 10−7 mol L−1 and 1.31 × 10−6 mol L−1 in human urine, for the DPV and OSWV method, respectively.

Key words: Determination of quetiapine; cyclic voltammetry; differential pulse voltammetry; square wave voltammetry; human serum samples; human urine samples; pharmaceutical preparations. 


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  1. 1.Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Analytical ChemistryAnkara UniversityTandoğanTurkey

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