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Electric Properties of the Neon-31 Nuclei Under Halo EFT Formalism



The electric properties of the \(^{31}\hbox {Ne}\) halo system is studied using Halo Effective Field Theory. We apply the Effective-Range method to match the parameters of the EFT from obtained data on the \(1/2^{+}\) and \(3/2^{-}\) levels in Neon-31 nuclide. We then obtain predictions for the one-neutron separation energy for the ground \(3/2^-\) state and the predicted \(1/2^+\) state. It is shown that the \(^{31}\hbox {Ne}\) has a halo feature with a small separation energy. The neutron radius is also discussed in this paper. Our work provides an applicable approach to analyze nuclei with heavy mass and large deformation.



The author is grateful to R. Chatterjee for supplying relevant literature and Y.-B. Cai and S. Cheng for valuable comments on the manuscript. We thank X.-Q. Qian and J.-S. Zhang for helpful discussion and S. Cheng for offering great supports in my life. The author would like to thank the professor Y.-D. Li for his support to this work and deeply miss him.


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