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Electro-Production of Light Lambda Hypernuclei

  • Satoshi N. Nakamura


Through the study of light hypernuclei, we can learn about hyperon nucleon interaction. The hypernuclear spectroscopy with electron beams is one of most powerful methods to study detailed structure of light hypernuclei thanks to its high energy resolution. With a decade of efforts at Jefferson Lab, the spectroscopy of Λ hypernuclei with an electron beam is now established. Observation of \({_{\Lambda}^{7}}\) He which gave the last missing binding energy of the A = 7, T = 1 iso-triplet hypernuclei provides an important experimental input for the charge symmetry breaking (CSB) effect of the ΛN interaction. Further study about A = 4 hypernuclear iso-doublet, \({_{\Lambda}^{4}}\) H and \({_{\Lambda}^{4}}\) He, is necessary and such experiments are now planned.


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