Few-Body Systems

, Volume 54, Issue 11, pp 1997–1999 | Cite as

On Multi-Point Liouville Field Theory

  • S. ZarrinkamarEmail author
  • H. Hassanabadi
  • A. A. Rajabi


In many cases, the classical or semi-classical Liouville field theory appears in the form of Fuchsian or Riemann differential equations whose solutions cannot be simply found, or atleast require a comprehensive knowledge on analytical techniques of differential equations of mathematical physics. Here, instead of other cumbersome methodologies such as treating with the Heun functions, we use the quasi-exact ansatz approach and thereby solve the so-called resulting two- and three-point differential equations in a very simple manner. We apply the approach to two recent papers in the field.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Basic Sciences, Garmsar BranchIslamic Azad UniversityGarmsarIran
  2. 2.Physics DepartmentShahrood University of TechnologyShahroodIran

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