Few-Body Systems

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Efimov Resonances in Ultracold Quantum Gases

  • F. FerlainoEmail author
  • A. Zenesini
  • M. Berninger
  • B. Huang
  • H. -C. Nägerl
  • R. Grimm


Ultracold atomic gases have developed into prime systems for experimental studies of Efimov three-body physics and related few-body phenomena, which occur in the universal regime of resonant interactions. In the last few years, many important breakthroughs have been achieved, confirming basic predictions of universal few-body theory and deepening our understanding of such systems. We review the basic ideas along with the fast experimental developments of the field, focussing on ultracold cesium gases as a well-investigated model system. Triatomic Efimov resonances, atom-dimer Efimov resonances, and related four-body resonances are discussed as central observables. We also present some new observations of such resonances, supporting and complementing the set of available data.


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  • A. Zenesini
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  • M. Berninger
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  • B. Huang
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  • H. -C. Nägerl
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  • R. Grimm
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