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The Re-Analysis of the 1700 MeV Structure of the P 11 Partial Wave Using the πNKΛ Production Data

  • S. Ceci
  • A. Švarc
  • B. Zauner


We have used the Breit-Wigner resonance model with S 11, P 11, and P 13 resonances in the s-channel to reanalyze the old πNKΛ data with the aim to establish the origin of the prominent structure in the total cross section in the vicinity of 1700 MeV. We have found a new set of resonance parameters enforcing the experimentally observed structure of the total cross-section data simultaneously with the linear dependence of the differential cross sections with cos θ in the energy range 1650 MeV < W < 1800 MeV. Owing to the differential cross-section linearity, the P 13 partial wave has been strongly attenuated in this model, and the total cross-section structure is attributed to the resonant behavior of the P 11 partial wave. In this paper we show that, at least in the Breit-Wigner resonance model, it is not possible to achieve a detailed reproduction of the narrow 1700 MeV total cross-section peak using the standard partial widths. To understand the phenomenon, a much narrower width of a resonant state, the N(1710) P 11 in our case, is required (Γ ≈ 68 MeV), but then the agreement of the model predictions with the total cross-section data at higher energies is lost. One way out is to allow for the existence of another P 11 resonance in that energy range. The same feature is shown by the polarization data: The introduction of a much narrower resonance spoils the level of agreement which the Breit-Wigner resonance model is able to achieve with experiment, but the consistency is restored when another resonance is introduced. Analyzing the qqq or qqqq \(\bar{q}\) nature of the recommended narrow P 11 structure in the neighborhood of 1700 MeV we reopen (remind of) the possibility that another P 11 resonant state exists in addition to the standard N(1710) P 11 PDG-resonance, and that one of the two states can be identified with the yet undiscovered cryptoexotic pentaquark state. To clarify the situation, we strongly recommend a remeasurement of the πNKΛ process in the energy range 1650 MeV < W < 1800 MeV.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • S. Ceci
    • 1
  • A. Švarc
    • 1
  • B. Zauner
    • 1
  1. 1.Rudjer Bošković InstituteZagrebCroatia

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