A novel ‘two-window’ technique to facilitate totally 3D-endoscopic mitral valve repair

  • Soh HosobaEmail author
  • Toshiaki Ito
  • Kenta Zaikokuji
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We describe our experience of a novel ‘two-window’ technique designed to assist in totally 3D-endoscopic mitral valve repair. A 10-mm trocar for a 3D-endoscope was inserted through the 4th intercostal space in the mid-axillary line. A main small incision (3 cm, 4th intercostal space) without rib spreading, and a second 1 cm incision (1–2 intercostal spaces above,) were made in the anterior axillary line. Soft tissue retractors were applied on both ports. A left atrial retractor, a left ventricular vent, and right-hand instruments were inserted through the main working port. A flexible aortic cross-clamp, an antegrade cardioplegia line, and left-hand instruments were inserted through the second port. Our two-window technique is safe, effective, and reproducible for totally endoscopic mitral valve repair.


Mitral valve repair Totally endoscopic surgery Minimally invasive cardiac surgery 


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  1. 1.Department of Cardiovascular SurgeryToyohashi Heart CenterToyohashiJapan
  2. 2.Department of Cardiovascular SurgeryNagoya Red Cross First HospitalNagoyaJapan

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