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Laparoscopic subtotal gastrectomy in morbid obese patients: a valid option to laparoscopic gastric bypass in particular circumstances (prospective study)

  • Italo Braghetto
  • Gustavo Martinez
  • Owen Korn
  • Marcelo Zamorano
  • Enrique Lanzarini
  • Enrique Narbona
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Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (LRYGB) without resection of the distal stomach is largely performed over the world for morbid obesity. Potential risk of gastric remnant carcinoma development has been suggested.


To present the results obtained after LRYGB with resection of distal stomach.


This prospective study includes 400 consecutive patients. The mean body weight was 105.9 ± 16.8 Kg (range 83–145 kg), and body mass index (BMI) was 38.5 ± 4.4 kg/m2 (32.9–50.3). Postoperative morbid–mortality and follow-up were analyzed.


Operative time was 128.5 ± 18.7 min, hospital discharge occurred at 3rd postoperative day, postoperative complications occurred in 9.25%, early surgical complications were observed in 3% and medical complications 4%, late surgical complications occurred 2.25%, no mortality was observed. At 1 year follow-up, BMI was 25.3 ± 2.7 kg/m2 with % of weight loss (%WL) of 84.6 + 19.1%. At five years follow-up very similar values were observed.


The results obtained after LRYGB with resection of distal stomach are similar to results published after non resection LRYGB regarding early and late results and can be indicated in high risk areas of gastric carcinoma.


Laparoscopy Gastric Bypass Gastric resection 


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All procedures performed in studies involving human participants were in accordance with the ethical standards of the institutional and/or national research committee and with the 1964 Helsinki declaration and its later amendments or comparable ethical standards.

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Informed consent was obtained from all individual participants included in the study.


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  • Gustavo Martinez
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  • Owen Korn
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  • Marcelo Zamorano
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  • Enrique Lanzarini
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  • Enrique Narbona
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