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Mesenteric ischemia in acute aortic dissection

  • Kazumasa OrihashiEmail author
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Mesenteric ischemia complicated by acute aortic dissection (AAD) is uncommon, but serious, as there is no established treatment strategy and it can progress rapidly to multi-organ failure. Diagnosing mesenteric ischemia before necrotic change is difficult, not only for primary care physicians, but even for gastrointestinal or cardiovascular surgeons as it can occur at any time during surgery. Thus, measures need to be in place at the bedside to enable us to obtain information on visceral perfusion. It is often difficult to decide which of laparotomy or aortic repair should be performed first, especially when there is associated shock or malperfusion of other vital organs. The standard surgical procedures for mesenteric ischemia are prompt revascularization of the mesenteric artery and, if needed, resection of necrotic intestine. However, the development of endovascular treatment and the introduction of hybrid ORs have improved the treatment strategies for mesenteric ischemia. This article reviews the issues of “diagnosis” in relation to the mechanism of mesenteric ischemia, and discusses the current “treatment strategies”.


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