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Single-port laparoscopic and endoscopic cooperative surgery for a gastric gastrointestinal stromal tumor: report of a case

  • Toru ObuchiEmail author
  • Akira Sasaki
  • Shigeaki Baba
  • Hiroyuki Nitta
  • Koki Otsuka
  • Go Wakabayashi
Case Report


We herein report a case of single-port laparoscopic and endoscopic cooperative surgery (LECS) for a gastric gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST). A 75-year-old female with an endoluminal GIST located near the esophagogastric junction underwent LECS. Both the mucosal and submucosal layers around the tumor were circumferentially dissected using endoscopic submucosal dissection via intraluminal endoscopy. The endoluminal GIST was exteriorized to the abdominal cavity. The tumor and the edge of the incision line were closed using an endoscopic linear stapler. The LECS was successfully accomplished without the need for any skin incisions or additional ports. The length of the operation was 120 min and blood loss was 5 ml. Oral intake was resumed on the second day and the length of hospital stay was 5 days. No complications were noted and the patient had an excellent cosmetic result. In our experience, single-port LECS is feasible and safe for gastric GIST when performed by a surgeon experienced in laparoscopic and gastric surgery.


Laparoscopic and endoscopic cooperative surgery (LECS) Gastrointestinal stromal tumor Laparoscopic gastric resection Single-port surgery Single-incision surgery 


Conflict of interest

Toru Obuchi and the co-authors have no conflict of interest to declare.


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  • Shigeaki Baba
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  • Hiroyuki Nitta
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  • Koki Otsuka
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