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Management of right-sided diverticulitis: A retrospective review from a hospital in Japan

  • Kazuhide Matsushima
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Right-sided diverticulitis is a rare clinical entity in Western countries; however, in some Asian countries diverticulitis affects the right side of the colon more often than the left side. This study aims to establish some guidelines for patients with right-sided diverticulitis because at present, there are only guidelines for those with acute left-sided diverticulitis.


A review was conducted of the medical records of patients with acute right-sided diverticulitis admitted to Okinawa Prefectural Chubu Hospital, a teaching hospital in Japan, between 1994 and 2005.


Right-sided diverticulitis was identified in 110 patients. The mean age of these patients was significantly lower than that of those with left-sided diverticulitis (43.4 ± 14.8 years vs 54.8 ± 17.4 years, respectively). Emergency laparotomy was performed for suspected acute appendicitis in 10 patients. Initial conservative therapy did not fail in any of the remaining 100 patients, although 5 underwent subsequent elective surgery, and 8 (8.4%) of the remaining 95 suffered recurrent right-sided diverticulitis, which was treated successfully with conservative therapy.


Patients with acute right-sided diverticulitis seldom require emergency surgery unless acute appendicitis is misdiagnosed preoperatively. Most cases of uncomplicated right-sided diverticulitis, even if it is recurrent, can be treated conservatively.

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