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UFT (Tegafur and Uracil) as Postoperative Adjuvant Chemotherapy for Solid Tumors (Carcinoma of the Lung, Stomach, Colon/Rectum, and Breast): Clinical Evidence, Mechanism of Action, and Future Direction

  • Fumihiro Tanaka
Review Article


UFT (tegafur and uracil) is an oral anticancer drug that has been developed in Japan. Owing to its mild toxicity profile, UFT can be suitable in an adjuvant setting following a complete tumor resection, whereas its direct antitumor effect achieved may be insufficient for advanced unresectable disease. Therefore, a variety of adjuvant chemotherapy trials with UFT have been conducted, and results of well-designed randomized controlled trials have recently shown a survival benefit of postoperative UFT treatment in resected lung, gastric, colorectal, and breast cancer. In the present article, postoperative adjuvant trials with UFT-containing chemotherapy are reviewed, and the mechanism of action and future directions are also discussed.

Key words

Tegafur Uracil UFT Solid tumor Adjuvant chemotherapy 


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