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Surgical Treatment of Patients with Wandering Spleen: Report of Six Cases with a review of the literature

  • Mehrdad Soleimani
  • Arianeb Mehrabi
  • Arash Kashfi
  • Hamidreza Fonouni
  • Markus W. Büchler
  • Thomas W. Kraus


Wandering spleen, which is defined as a spleen without peritoneal attachments, is a rare disease and a delay in the clinical and/or radiological diagnosis may lead to splenic torsion, infarction, and necrosis. Owing to the physiologic importance of the spleen, especially in children, and the risk of postsplenectomy sepsis, early diagnosis and splenopexy are recommended. In the present article, we describe the results of our management of this rare problem on six patients, and we review all available literature from 1895 to 2005. Briefly, our technique includes flap creation from parietal peritoneum and settlement of spleen in the fossa splenica. Free edges of this flap are stitched to the stomach and the left end of transverse colon and the beginning of the descending colon. The body of the stomach was stitched to the abdominal wall to prevent gastric volvulus, while the fundus region was fixed to the diaphragm to support the spleen. Finally, an omental patch was stitched to the intact abdominal wall above the flap. In conclusion, the procedure of splenopexy without using mesh is considered to be a safe and curative modality for wandering spleen without imposing any undue risk of infection or foreign material reaction.

Key words

Wandering spleen Displaced spleen Ectopic spleen Splenopexy Splenectomy Absorbable knitted mesh 


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  • Arash Kashfi
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