Correction to: Agonistic autoantibodies against adrenergic receptors correlating with antihypertensive therapy in long-standing diabetes type 2

  • Christoph WernerEmail author
  • Nicolle Müller
  • Ulrich Alfons Müller

Correction to: Acta Diabetologica (2018) 55:301–303

Unfortunately, the conflict of interest statement was found incomplete in the original publication and now revised by the authors. The updated version is provided here.

Conflict of interest

Investigations like patient recruitment, examination of patients, labor costs, statistics and writing manuscript were financed by house funds. The costs of determining the autoantibodies were carried by ERDE Diagnostics GmbH. Based on these results, we initiated a larger study, substantially financed by Fresenius Medical Care.


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  1. 1.Department of Internal Medicine IIIJena University HospitalJenaGermany

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