Mick J. Perez-Cruet, Richard G. Fessler, Michael Y. Wang: An anatomic approach to minimally invasive Spine surgery

Second edition, Thieme Verlag New York, Stuttgart, Delhi, Rio de Janeiro, 2019, 580 pp.; 439 figs.; Hardcover, EUR (D) 259,99 EUR (A) 267,30, ISBN 978-1-62623-643-1
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Minimally invasive surgery of the spine has its followers, but requires a good preparation for the one who plans to do it. The purpose of this book is to provide the necessary elements.

The first and second parts concern the anatomical and physio-pathological bases of lumbar pain as well as the organization of the operating room as well as the organization of an outpatient surgery center, the organizational implications and the patient’s involvement.

The third part deals with operative techniques, monitoring, navigation, stereotaxis and diagnostic and therapeutic injections.

The fourth part presents the surgical techniques according to cervical, thoracic or lumbar localization.

The fifth part deals with tumor surgery.

The sixth part presents an analysis of the results and complications.

The last part opens with the future with stem cells.

It is therefore a book and a very complete e book that will interest both new and experienced surgeons as well as orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons or more widely all the surgeons in the column who want to know more or initiate mini-invasive surgery of the spine.


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