Oncological and endoprosthetic outcomes of bone sarcoma patients: a nationwide cohort study

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To retrospectively analyze the entire cohort of patients in the Republic of Slovenia diagnosed with bone sarcomas in the long bones or pelvis/sacrum/coccyx from January 1, 2009, to December 31, 2018, with an observational nationwide study, whereby all patients were evaluated by one single tumor board in the country. We evaluated surgical outcomes and tested whether survival of bone sarcoma patients depended on age, gender, histological diagnosis.

Materials and methods

Cancer Registry of the Republic of Slovenia was screened for all ICD-10 diagnoses from C40.0 to C40.9 and C41.4 in the designated time frame, and the patients were then clinically followed up until the end of the observation period on June 1, 2019.


The cohort of 160 patients was treated surgically in 141 cases, 29 patients required subsequent revision(s) and cumulative endoprosthetic infection rate was 12.5%. In the follow-up, 54 patients died and the 2 patients were missing. Cumulative proportion of survival at 5/10 years was 61%/54%, respectively. After adjustment for age, gender and diagnosis, higher age (odds ratio 1.06 for each additional year), osteosarcoma (odds ratio 4.07) and Ewing sarcoma (odds ratio 11.68) were the significant risk factors of shorter oncological survival.


This is the first Slovenian nationwide cohort study of bone sarcoma patients, unique in its circumscribed geographic area and evaluation/treatment at a single center by a single tumor board. Although comparable to other countries, results show a grim picture and the lack of improvement in bone sarcoma survival within the last 20 years.

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