Bilateral snapping biceps femoris tendon: a case report and review of the literature

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  • Ali MofidiEmail author
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Snapping biceps femoris tendon is an uncommon cause of lateral knee pain. We report the case of a 15-year-old athlete with bilateral snapping biceps femoris tendons, painful over his right lateral leg during exercise. He underwent elective exploration of the right knee which revealed an accessory biceps femoris tendon with attachment to the anterolateral tibia. The accessory tendon was released and reinserted onto the fibular head with a Krackow suture. There were no perioperative complications, and he returned to full sporting activities within 3 months. We describe the operative technique used and summarise the existing literature. Restoring the anatomy with release of the accessory tendon and reinsertion onto the fibular head is an effective technique in the management of knee pain due to snapping biceps femoris tendon. Other approaches include simple release of the anomalous tendon without reinsertion or partial resection of the fibular head. Partial resection of the fibular head is the only technique described in the literature with complication requiring a further operation on the same site. There remains a paucity of evidence in the literature regarding long-term outcomes required to inform the best operative approach. Further anatomical, intraoperative and radiological studies are required to delineate the true pathology of this condition.


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ESM 1 Video demonstrating snapping of long head of patient’s right biceps femoris tendon on knee flexion (MP4 36170 kb)


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