Lateral arm flap: indications and techniques

  • Zinon T. KokkalisEmail author
  • Efstratios Papanikos
  • George A. Mazis
  • Andreas Panagopoulos
  • Petros Konofaos


The lateral arm flap (LAF) is a popular flap transfer, which can be applied in many procedures. It was first described in 1982, and till then, even more clinical applications are suggested. It can be used as a free fasciocutaneous or fascial flap to cover small- to medium-sized soft tissue defects in head and neck but also in upper and lower extremity reconstruction, or as an osteocutaneous flap when vascularized bone graft is needed. We present the indications and contraindications, the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the step-by-step technique of harvesting a fasciocutaneous and an osteocutaneous flap and its complications. We conclude that the LAF is a reliable and versatile tool for reconstructive surgery, due to its anatomical characteristics and the low complication rate.


Lateral arm flap Reconstructive surgery Microsurgery Defects 


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