Robert Dickson, Juergen Harms (eds): Modern management of spinal deformities: a theoretical, practical, and evidence-based text

Thieme Verlag, New York, Stuttgart, Delhi, Rio de Janeiro, 2017, 330 pp, 935 figs., 280,00 mm, Hardcover (GEB), EUR (D) 199,99, EUR (A) 205,60, CHF 230,00, ISBN: 978-3-13-201631-6
  • Pierre Kehr
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After a concise historical background, almost half of the work is devoted to the idiopathic scoliosis, major deformation of the spine. All the aspects of this deformation are analyzed, and this important chapter ends in an interesting presentation of case. In spite of a very rich bibliography, one notes few recent references, which probably explains why the very dynamic French schools are forgotten; only Stagnara and Dubousset being largely quoted. A very beautiful radiological iconography and drawings return the very consultation easy.

Follow then the other vertebral deformities, the such disease of Scheuermann, the deformities congenital, neuromuscular, those of the neurofibromatosis, those due to the tumors, the spondylolysis and the spondylolisthesis.

Very good teaching work to see in the shelve of the surgeons and doctors impassioned by the spine, experienced or trainees.


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