Review and clinical presentation in reverse shoulder arthroplasty in deltoid palsy

  • Gwénolé KermarrecEmail author
  • Jean David Werthel
  • Pablo Canales
  • Philippe Valenti
Up-to date Review and Case Report • SHOULDER - ARTHROPLASTY


Deltoid palsy is a classical contraindication for reverse shoulder arthroplasty (RSA). However, in cases associating axillary nerve palsy and rotator cuff tear or glenohumeral arthritis, few options remain. We present a case in which combining RSA with transfer of the pectoralis major and upper and middle trapezius transfer provided satisfactory results in a patient suffering of both an irreparable rotator cuff tear and a deltoid palsy.

Level of evidence IV.


Shoulder arthroplasty Deltoid palsy Axillary nerve palsy Tendon transfer Pectoralis major Trapezius Rotator cuff tear 



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