Total knee arthroplasty in patients with prior ipsilateral hip arthrodesis

  • Borja de la HeraEmail author
  • Rafael Rubio-Quevedo
  • Angeles Gomez-Garcia
  • Alejandro Gomez-Rice
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Only a few articles based on the management of symptomatic knee osteoarthritis in patients with prior ipsilateral hip arthrodesis have been reported, and there are no clear criteria for the best treatment option [to carry out a total knee arthroplasty (TKA)—or to take down the hip fusion and conversion to a total hip arthroplasty—THA, and after that to carry out the TKA]. We report two cases, a 72-year-old male who underwent a left hip arthrodesis at 28 because of a trauma and a 51-year-old woman who underwent a left hip arthrodesis at 9 years because of a congenital dislocation. They presented severe ipsilateral symptomatic knee osteoarthritis. Once the cases were studied and the two therapeutic possibilities were evaluated, we decided to perform TKA. Currently, both patients have no pain, a stable knee with good range of motion and without aseptic loosening radiologic criteria.


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Supplementary material

Video 1: Case 1

Video shows gait pattern 11 years after surgery. (MP4 9485 kb)

Video 2: Case 2

Video shows gait pattern 1 year after surgery. (MP4 9692 kb)

Video 3: Case 3

Video shows gait pattern 1 year after surgery without shoes. (MP4 18379 kb)


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