Past and present of the use of cerclage wires in orthopedics

  • Andrea AngeliniEmail author
  • Concetto Battiato
General Review


Cerclage wiring is a simple technique that has been practiced widely since the advent of surgical treatment of fractures. Many studies have reported the use of various cerclage technologies with a wide range of results and clinical applications. The increasing numbers of periprosthetic fractures have led to a revival of interest for this simple technique. When cerclages function as implants, they may be used alone or together with a protecting device such as external or internal splints (such as plates, nails, stems of prosthesis or a combination of thereof). This article presents a review of the available literature relating cerclage-wiring techniques and updates the recommendations for clinical use.


Cerclage Cerclage-wiring techniques Wire Femoral fracture Periprosthetic fracture Internal fixation Intraoperative fracture Unstable intertrochanteric fracture Intramedullary nailing Reduction Cable Acetabular fracture Minimally invasive techniques Wire passer technology Twist Loop Periosteal blood vessels Vascular injury 


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