The scaphocapitate fracture syndrome: a case report and literature analysis

  • Young Sung Kim
  • Ho Min Lee
  • Jong Pil KimEmail author
Up-to date Review and Case Report


Scaphocapitate fracture syndrome is rare, complex injury. We report an unusual presentation of scaphocapitate fracture syndrome, involving fracture of the scaphoid and capitate associated with volar dislocation of the lunate and scaphoid and the proximal fragment of the capitate in a 30-year-old male after a motor vehicle accident. Computed tomography was found to be helpful for achieving the correct diagnosis. Open reduction and internal fixation was performed. The scaphoid fracture was fixed using a headless compression screw, and the volar displaced proximal fragment of the capitate was reduced to its original position, but could not be fixed because of severe comminution. This case cautions that the capitate fragment should not be excised even when it cannot be fixed due to comminution.


Scaphocapitate fracture syndrome Scaphoid fracture Capitate fracture Volar dislocation of lunate and scaphoid 


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