The intramedullary Endobutton® technique: the outcome of repair of acute distal biceps rupture

  • James E. ArbuthnotEmail author
  • Victoria M. Deans
  • David Morgan
  • James Colville
  • Roger Sloan
  • David M. Selvey
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In this paper, we seek to present the outcome of repair of acute distal biceps tendon rupture using the intramedullary Endobutton® technique. We retrospectively assessed all patients undergoing repair of a distal biceps tendon rupture using a new technique with a single incision volar approach and repair with an Endobutton inserted into the intramedullary canal. Seven patients were included in the study. Patients were assessed clinically and also with dynamometry. All of the patients were male and had a mean age 49. On dynamometry assessment: the mean difference in power between arms on flexion/extension post-operatively was a reduction of 3% in the affected arm and the mean difference in work over a 60-s period was unchanged. There was no significant difference in post-op range of motion in the operated arm when compared to the unaffected side. No complications were identified. The results obtained in this study demonstrate a good short-term functional outcome with this technique.


Distal biceps tendon Rupture Endobutton Repair 


Conflict of interest statement

The authors received financial assistance totaling less than £1,000 for carrying out of this study from a commercial party (Smith and Nephew).


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  • David Morgan
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  • Roger Sloan
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  • David M. Selvey
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