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, Volume 24, Supplement 2, pp 168–185 | Cite as

Cervical laminectomy and instrumented lateral mass fusion: techniques, pearls and pitfalls

  • Michael Mayer
  • Oliver Meier
  • Alexander Auffarth
  • Heiko Koller
Review Article



Cervical laminectomy is a reliable tool for posterior decompression in various cervical spine pathologies. Although there is increasing evidence of superior clinical, neurological and radiological outcomes when using anterior cervical decompression, laminectomy can be a valuable tool when combined with instrumented lateral mass fusion for carefully selected indications.


Literature review.


This review article will provide decision-making guidance, technical advices and pitfalls. The technical advice for laminectomy and instrumented lateral mass fusion is illustrated. The authors review the literature on outcomes and complications and suggest indications for the safe and successful application of cervical laminectomy and lateral mass fusion.


Cervical laminectomy Instrumented lateral mass fusion Outcomes Complications Indications 


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