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Arachnoid ossificans containing metaplastic hematopoietic marrow resulting in diffuse thoracic intrathecal cysts and severe myelopathy

  • Joshua AbramsEmail author
  • Gordon Li
  • Stefan A. Mindea
  • Claudia M. Haynes
  • Ivan Cheng
Case Report



To present a rare case of multiple compressive thoracic intradural cysts with pathologic arachnoid ossification, review the literature and present the surgical options.

Summary of background data

Few reports have identified the existence of arachnoid calcifications and intrathecal cysts causing progressive myelopathy. The literature regarding each of these pathologies is limited to case reports. Their clinical significance is not well studied, although known to cause neurologic sequelae.


An 81-year-old female clinically presents with rapidly progressive myelopathy. Pre-operative magnetic resonance imaging identified multiple compressive thoracic intrathecal cysts. Surgical exploration and decompression of these cysts identified calcified plaques within the arachnoid. Histopathologic examination revealed fibrocalcific tissue undergoing ossification with bone marrow elements.


Due to progressive myelopathy, the thoracic cysts were decompressed and calcified plaques were excised, once identified intra-operatively.


On last examination, the patient’s neurologic status had not improved, but had stabilized. The rate of neurologic improvement from excision and decompression is variable, but it may still be warranted in the face of progressive neurologic deficits.


Arachnoid ossification Intrathecal cysts Myelopathy Osseous metaplasia 


Conflict of interest

None of the authors has any potential conflict of interest.


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  • Gordon Li
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  • Stefan A. Mindea
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  • Claudia M. Haynes
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  • Ivan Cheng
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  2. 2.Department of NeurosurgeryStanford University Medical CenterStanfordUSA
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