Report and abstracts for 20th ACCP conference with training workshops, and technology exhibits

  • J. C. N. Pourrat
  • P. J. O’BrienEmail author
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A report is made on the 2-day, 20th annual conference held by the Association for Comparative Clinical Pathology (ACCP). This included two workshops that were given by veterans of the toxicologic clinical pathology community including on haematotoxicity and on the interpretation of clinical pathology data of pre-clinical toxicology studies in support of pharmaceuticals in development. Also, included was a series of scientific and technology presentations on the latest developments in toxicologic and veterinary clinical pathology. Key developments presented on were the invention of a rapid and simple diagnostic test for lymphoma, the Atellica- automated chemistry analyser for laboratory animals, and development of an advanced flow cytometric technique for bone marrow. Distinguished invited speakers gave lectures on treatment of acute myeloid leukaemia and on comparison of surgical and medical treatments for diabetic nephropathy. Technology vendors described in 5-minute presentations their latest products. And poster presenters also gave 5-minute presentations describing their work. The report is illustrated by photographs taken during the conference, capturing the presenters of talks and featuring new student presenters. This is followed by abstracts of most of the scientific presentations that were given. A few abstracts that had been submitted the previous year are also included, as there had been no report on this ACCP meeting of 2018. There were lighter moments, including a wine reception, conversations at the conference centre pub, a great conference dinner featuring the best of English cuisine, and trips to the conference center spa and recreation facilities.


ACCP Associated for Comparative Clinical Pathology 20th Annual Conference Conference Report: Conference Abstracts 

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