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Kinematic modelling and emulation of robot for traversing over the pipeline in the refinery

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Robotics always used to have an extraordinary contribution into multiple parts of operations in process industries, the one presently discussed in this research paper deals with the mathematical analysis and real-time replication model of out pipe crawler robot used for thickness measurement in refineries. The aim of this paper is to evaluate and emulate the movement of the robot in a 2-dimensional plane over a black track motif as a pipeline line which infers the effect of the real-time simulation prototype model. Robotic manipulators are more complex than its successors but there is a complete analysis of the kinematics of differential drive robot. The workspace of a wheel based mobile robot is not only limited to the position of end effector but it is a range of all possible positions that the robot makes while moving over or on the path. The analysis presented in this paper is very useful in developing a mathematical model and crafting a prototype of wheelbase mobile robot to traverse over an uneven surface of ferromagnetic pipelines with the help of an array of IR sensors used for estimation of the thickness of pipes.

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