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A compact ACS-fed dual-band monopole antenna for LTE, WLAN/WiMAX and public safety applications

  • Praveen V. Naidu
  • Akshay Malhotra
  • Raj Kumar
Technical Paper


In this paper, a compact asymmetric coplanar strip (ACS)-fed printed monopole antenna for dual frequency operation is presented. The proposed antenna is composed of an ACS-fed monopole structure and two semi circle shaped radiating branches, which occupies a very small size of 13.4 × 22.7 mm2 including the ground plane. By properly selecting the length and position of these branches, two desired operating bands can be achieved and tuned independently. The simulated and measured return loss results shows that the proposed antenna can be used for long term evolution 2500 (2500–2690 MHz), WLAN 5.2 GHz (5.15–5.35 GHz)/5.8 GHz (5.725–5.825 GHz), WiMAX 5.5 GHz (5.28–5.85 GHz) and 4.9 GHz (4.94–4.99 GHz) public safety applications. The omnidirectional and bidirectional radiation pattern characteristics in H-plane and E-plane of the proposed antenna along with acceptable peak gain make the best suitable candidate for the above intended applications.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Centre for Radio Science StudiesSymbiosis International UniversityLavaleIndia
  2. 2.Department of AEARDEPashanIndia

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