Microsystem Technologies

, Volume 12, Issue 1–2, pp 63–68

Glass frit bonding: an universal technology for wafer level encapsulation and packaging

Technical paper


This paper reports on glass frit wafer bonding, which is a universally usable technology for wafer level encapsulation and packaging. After explaining the principle and the process flow of glass frit bonding, experimental results are shown. Glass frit bonding technology enables bonding of surface materials commonly used in MEMS technology. It allows hermetic sealing and a high process yield. Metal lead throughs at the bond interface are possible, because of the planarizing glass interlayer. Examples of surface micromachined sensors demonstrate the potential of glass–frit bonding.


Wafer bonding Surface micro machining Glass frit 

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  1. 1.X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AGErfurtGermany

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