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Tape mechanics over a flat recording head under uniform pull-down pressure

  • S. Müftü


The mechanics of the “tape” over a flat-head is investigated. It has been recently shown that a thin, flexible tape, traveling over a flat recording head under tension contacts the head over the central area of the head. This phenomenon is due to the self-acting, subambient foil bearing effect. In this paper, as a first order of approximation, a simplified system is analyzed; where a uniform subambient pressure p * is assumed to be acting on the tape, over the head region. Increasing subambient pressure values represent faster tape speeds. This approach enables an independent investigation of the tape mechanics alone, and provides a closed-form solution. The tape is modeled as a tensioned infinitely wide plate, traveling at steady state. This non-dimensional solution relates the tape displacements and the reaction forces to the problem parameters, i.e., the wrap angle, tape tension, bending rigidity, head-length and external pressure. Tape and head-wear at the corners of the head, and wear of the magnetically active regions located at the central part of the flat-head are critical issues to be considered in designing a flat-head/tape interface. The closed-form solution is particularly useful in obtaining estimates of the magnitudes of the reaction forces at the corners.


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