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In reply: Use of low-molecular weight dextran as an LA adjuvant to extend LA action

  • Masaru TobeEmail author
  • Shigeru Saito
Letter to the Editor


Local anesthetics (LA) Dextran Extend LA action 

To the Editor,

We sincerely thank Dr. Tsuchiya and colleagues for their interest and comments on our manuscript. We presented the historical sequences of studies that have been performed in an effort to elongate the action of local anesthetics (LA) in past review [1]. We did not describe the use of dextran as an LA adjuvant in this review, but it is interesting to extend the LA action using with low-molecular weight dextran. Hamada et al. demonstrated that the absorption of levobupivacaine was suppress in 90 min notably adding the 8% low-molecular weight dextran solution [2]. We hope for high quality postoperative pain management using long acting LA. In this view, we expect the large volume clinical data with novel technique or novel drug.


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  1. 1.Department of Anesthesiology, School of MedicineGunma University GraduateMaebashiJapan

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