Techniques for performing laparoscopic liver resection in various hepatic locations

  • Ho-Seong HanEmail author
  • Jai Young Cho
  • Yoo-Seok Yoon
Topics Current status and future of laparoscopic liver resection


Many studies have recently reported on laparoscopic liver resection, although its development has been slow compared to laparoscopy in other fields. The indications for the location of laparoscopic liver resection have previously been limited to easily accessible lesions. Performing laparoscopic liver resection in the posterior and superior parts of the liver has been considered difficult due to inadequate exposure, the poor operative field and the difficulty with parenchymal dissection. Flexible endoscopy, high definition imaging and various kinds of equipment for parenchymal transection have been introduced for clinical use. In addition, much experience with this procedure has been accumulated at many centers. Accordingly, there are an increasing number of reports on laparoscopic liver resection in difficult locations. At our institution, the location of the tumor is no longer a limitation to laparoscopic liver resection. However, for safer laparoscopic liver resection, the patient positioning and trocar placement should be individualized according to the tumor location. The type of resection also may depend on the remaining liver’s functional capacity. We describe here the technical considerations for performing laparoscopic liver resection, including the technical considerations for performing laparoscopic liver resection for lesions located in the postero-superior segments of the liver.


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