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Living-donor liver transplantation: an overview

  • Russell W. Strong


It has been 16 years since the first successful living-donor liver transplant was performed from a parent to a child. The overall recipient and graft survival, together with a low morbidity and mortality in donors, have resulted in the widespread acceptance of the procedure by both the transplant community and the public at large. Adult-to-adult living-donor liver transplantation has been evolving over the past decade. Despite living-donor transplant patients being better-risk candidates than those who receive a graft from a deceased donor, and well-established and experienced units achieving satisfactory results, overall recipient and graft survival recorder by registries can only be described as suboptimal. This, combined with the high morbidity and not-insignificant mortality amongst donors makes expansion of adult-to-adult liver transplantation hard to justify on a risk-benefit analysis.

Key words

Liver transplantation Living donor Recipient outcome Donor morbidity Mortality Ethical issues 


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