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Only four major 100-ka glaciations during the Brunhes Chron?

  • D. Q. Bowen


 Early attempts at land–sea correlations between continental glaciations and the marine δ18O record were premature without a high-resolution continental stratigraphy. Existing schemes of continental subdivision and correlation-based facies floras and facies faunas do not provide the necessary resolution. This paper reports on a new high-resolution subdivision and correlation of the Pleistocene of the British Isles. Subdivision and correlation is accomplished primarily by aminostratigraphy based on aminozones which is calibrated by other geochronological means (U-series, TL, OSL, ESR, 14C, palaeomagnetic and 36Cl rock-exposure dating) for correlation with oxygen isotope stratigraphy. These data are then used to test the hypotheses of Shackleton (1987) and Raymo (1997) that only four major glaciations occurred in the Brunhes Chron: during oxygen isotope stages 16, 12, 6 and 2. Their hypotheses are confirmed except for stage 2, when at least part of the British ice sheet was at its maximum somewhat earlier during stages 4 and 3.

Key words Land sea correlation Aminostratigraphy British Isles Brunhes Precessional forcing 


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