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In situ LA-ICP-MS U–Pb titanite dating of Na–Ca metasomatism in orogenic belts: the North Pyrenean example

  • Sylvain Fallourd
  • Marc PoujolEmail author
  • Philippe Boulvais
  • Jean-Louis Paquette
  • Michel de Saint Blanquat
  • Philippe Rémy
Original Paper


In the Pyrenees, in association with the rotation of the Iberian plate around Europe during the Mid-Cretaceous, a Na–Ca metasomatism is recognized as a complementary record of the hydrothermal activity that led to Na-metasomatism (albitization) and talc–chlorite mineralization. It affected metasedimentary rocks as well as Hercynian granites. In situ laser ablation ICP-MS U–Pb analyses of titanite grains formed in albitites during metasomatism date the Na–Ca metasomatism between 110 and 92 Ma. The temperature of the Na–Ca metasomatism is estimated to be approximately 550 °C. Both the time constraints and temperature estimates suggest that the Na–Ca metasomatism is related to the low-P high-T North Pyrenean metamorphism.


Na–Ca metasomatism Albitization Pyrenees Titanite LA-ICP-MS U–Pb dating 



We gratefully acknowledge research funding through the CNRS (Action Incitative INSU grant to MP) and the ANR Pyramid (M. Ford). We would also like to thank IMERYS for facilitating the fieldwork carried out by SF and Sara Mullin for improving the English content. Paul Sylvester and an anonymous reviewer are thanked for their constructive comments and Ingo Braun for his editorial handling of this manuscript.

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  • Marc Poujol
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  • Jean-Louis Paquette
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  4. 4.ImerysSalvezinesFrance

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