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Cenozoic intra-plate magmatism in the Darfur volcanic province: mantle source, phonolite-trachyte genesis and relation to other volcanic provinces in NE Africa

  • Friedrich Lucassen
  • Dieter Pudlo
  • Gerhard Franz
  • Rolf L. Romer
  • Peter Dulski
Original Paper


Chemical and Sr, Nd and Pb isotopic compositions of Late Cenozoic to Quaternary small-volume phonolite, trachyte and related mafic rocks from the Darfur volcanic province/NW-Sudan have been investigated. Isotope signatures indicate variable but minor crustal contributions. Some phonolitic and trachytic rocks show the same isotopic composition as their primitive mantle-derived parents, and no crustal contributions are visible in the trace element patterns of these samples. The magmatic evolution of the evolved rocks is dominated by crystal fractionation. The Si-undersaturated strongly alkaline phonolite and the Si-saturated mildly alkaline trachyte can be modelled by fractionation of basanite and basalt, respectively. The suite of basanite–basalt–phonolite–trachyte with characteristic isotope signatures from the Darfur volcanic province fits the compositional features of other Cenozoic intra-plate magmatism scattered in North and Central Africa (e.g., Tibesti, Maghreb, Cameroon line), which evolved on a lithosphere that was reworked or formed during the Neoproterozoic.


NE Africa Darfur volcanic province Basanite Trachyte Phonolite Lithospheric mantle 



Sampling for this study was undertaken in course of the research project SFB 69 in the years 1984–1988, and we thank all participants of the expeditions for their help, especially our colleagues from Geological Research Authorities of Sudan in Khartoum. F.L. thanks the former technical staff of the radiogenic isotope facility at GFZ Cathrin Schulz and Anette Meixner for their technical support over many years. Birgit Zander is thanked for help with the ICP-MS analyses at GFZ. We thank Gerhard Wörner for his helpful review. The study was supported by DFG grant number FR 557/20-1.

Supplementary material

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  • Gerhard Franz
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