HVS-based scalable video watermarking

Video copyright protection against scalable coding using motion trajectory analysis in k(\(\hbox {t}+2\hbox {D}\))DWT domain
  • Mehran Deljavan Amiri
  • Ali Amiri
  • Majid MeghdadiEmail author
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Scalable coding methods are widely considered as promising coding approaches for image/video transmission in heterogeneous environments. To copyright protection of scalable coded videos, scalable video watermarking was introduced which enables reconstructing various scales of watermark from watermarked videos. This paper proposes a novel human vision system-based, spread spectrum method to scalable video watermarking. The host video is decomposed using newly proposed spatio-temporal motion-compensated 3D wavelet decomposition, called k(\(\hbox {t}+2\hbox {D}\)) DWT decomposition, to frequency sub-bands. A scalable decomposition of the watermark is inserted into the entire frequency sub-bands of decomposed video. At each frequency sub-band, the watermark data are inserted into the selected coefficients of the sub-band frames in a way that the watermark embedding visual artifact occurs in the highly textured, highly contrasted, and very dark/bright areas of the video frames. The experimental results show that the watermarked test videos are highly transparent and robust against scalable video coding even at very low decoding bit-rates and some other video processing attacks. The proposed approach can guarantee copyright protection for scalable coded videos, especially over heterogeneous networks.


Scalable watermarking Video coding Scalability Human vision system 3D DWT Motion trajectory analysis 



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  • Ali Amiri
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  • Majid Meghdadi
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