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A look inside the Pl@ntNet experience

The good, the bias and the hope
  • Alexis JolyEmail author
  • Pierre Bonnet
  • Hervé Goëau
  • Julien Barbe
  • Souheil Selmi
  • Julien Champ
  • Samuel Dufour-Kowalski
  • Antoine Affouard
  • Jennifer Carré
  • Jean-François Molino
  • Nozha Boujemaa
  • Daniel Barthélémy
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Pl@ntNet is an innovative participatory sensing platform relying on image-based plants identification as a mean to enlist non-expert contributors and facilitate the production of botanical observation data. One year after the public launch of the mobile application, we carry out a self-critical evaluation of the experience with regard to the requirements of a sustainable and effective ecological surveillance tool. We first demonstrate the attractiveness of the developed multimedia system (with more than 90K end-users) and the nice self-improving capacities of the whole collaborative workflow. We then point out the current limitations of the approach towards producing timely and accurate distribution maps of plants at a very large scale. We discuss in particular two main issues: the bias and the incompleteness of the produced data. We finally open new perspectives and describe upcoming realizations towards bridging these gaps.


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This work was funded by the Agropolis Foundation, as part of its first flagship project Pl@ntNet. We would like to thank numerous contributors from Tela Botanica and Pl@ntNet’s network, that share their data and expertise to develop such infrastructure. Finally, we also would like to thank Mrs. Lett for his careful reading and helpful comments.


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  • Pierre Bonnet
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  • Hervé Goëau
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  • Julien Barbe
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  • Souheil Selmi
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  • Julien Champ
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  • Samuel Dufour-Kowalski
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  • Antoine Affouard
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  • Jennifer Carré
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  • Jean-François Molino
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  • Nozha Boujemaa
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  • Daniel Barthélémy
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