A priori estimates for Donaldson’s equation over compact Hermitian manifolds



In this paper we prove a priori estimates for Donaldson equation’s
$$\begin{aligned} \omega \wedge (\chi +\sqrt{-1}\partial \bar{\partial }\varphi )^{n-1} =e^{F}(\chi +\sqrt{-1}\partial \bar{\partial }\varphi )^{n}, \end{aligned}$$
over a compact complex manifold \(X\) of complex dimension \(n\), where \(\omega \) and \(\chi \) are arbitrary Hermitian metrics. Our estimates answer a question of Tosatti-Weinkove (Asian J. Math. 14:19–40, 2010).

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000)

Primary 53C55 Secondary 32W20 35J60 58J05 



The author would like to thank Kefeng Liu, Valentino Tosatti, Xiaokui Yang for useful discussions on Donaldson’s equation, the complex Monge-Ampère equation and geometric flows. The author thanks referees’s helpful suggestions.


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