Study on supply chain strategy based on cost income model and multi-access edge computing under the background of the Internet of Things

  • Lu Sun
  • Yuanjun ZhaoEmail author
  • Wenqi Sun
  • Zhengkai Liu
Multi-access Edge Computing Enabled Internet of Things


With the application of the Internet of Things, the cold-chain logistics efficiency of fresh agricultural product remarkably is improved, but the operating costs inevitably rise. Thus, the main bodies of circulation at various levels need to decide whether adopt the Internet of Things or not according to the cost–benefit situation. The significant boundary value closely related to the revenue decision of cold-chain logistics of fresh agricultural product was figured out by particularly analyzing the impact of the adoption of the Internet of Things on upstream and downstream wholesale prices, retail price, and order quantity decision based on the costs and revenues of the upstream and downstream of the supply chain before and after the adoption of the Internet of Things, and it was found that the overall profit boundary values of wholesaler, retailer, and supply chain are the same; the increment of retail price and retailers’ revenues is larger than that of wholesalers’ revenues, and the ascensional range of retail price is larger than that of wholesale price; the cost boundary value of order quantity in supply chain has little to do with the quality of agricultural products, but is affected by the time of circulation, and transportation and warehouse cost; the lower the cost of the Internet of Things is, the larger the impact on order quantity is. The correctness of the research results was proved by means of illustrative example. This paper provides a scientific basis for investment in the Internet of Things by enterprises engaged in cold-chain operation of fresh agricultural products.


Multi-access edge computing Internet of Things Fresh agricultural product Cost effectiveness of cold-chain logistics 



The authors thank Project supported by Fujian Provincial Social Science Research Base Major Project (Grant No. 2016JDZ037); Xiamen University of Technology high level talent project(Grant No. YSK16009R). Ministry of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences project ‘Research on the evolution of global value chain of digital creative industry based on complex system’.

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  2. 2.School of Business AdministrationShanghai Lixin University of Accounting and FinanceShanghaiChina
  3. 3.Glorious Sun School of Business and ManagementDonghua UniversityShanghaiChina
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