Supportive Care in Cancer

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Editorial—“Transition, change, growth, and sustainability”

  • Fred Ashbury

It is with great pleasure that I assume the role of Editor-in-Chief of Supportive Care in Cancer. I enter this position at a time when the journal has achieved a solid reputation for publishing high-quality innovative research and reviews on all aspects of supportive care.

I wish to thank the leadership of the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC) for this opportunity and acknowledge the tremendous work and contributions made by my predecessor, Professor Hans-Joerg Senn, our Founding Editor Emeritus. Professor Senn has kindly offered to be available to me and to the editorial group for advice as we move forward.

The publishing landscape continues to change in several ways. New journals in oncology have emerged and some existing journals in cancer control have modified their mandates to include supportive care. Higher education and health care institutions’ budgets have greater constraints, and they must make difficult choices about which subscriptions they can...

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